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pwn4magic 22 Nov 2019

beginner - intermediate machine, your goal is to read /root/flag.txt.

Remember, good enumeration! VMware based, you may have problems with VB.

Tempus Fugit is a Latin phrase that roughly translated as “time flies”.

This is an hard, real life box, created by @4nqr34z and @theart42 to be used as a CTF challenge on Bsides Newcastle 23. november 2019 and released on Vulnhub the same day.

In Tempus Fugit 3, the idea is still, like in the first two challenges; to create something “out of the ordinary”.

The vm contains 5 flags. If you don’t see them, you are not looking in the right place...

Need any hints? Feel free to contact us on Twitter: @4nqr34z or @theart42


Tested both on Virtualbox and vmware

Health warning: For external use only

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0xmzfr 18 Nov 2019
  • Level: Beginner-Intermediate
  • flags: user.txt and root.txt
  • Description: The machine is VirtualBox as well as VMWare compatible. The DHCP will assign an IP automatically. You'll see the IP right on the login screen. You have to find and read two flags (user and root) which is present in user.txt and root.txt respectively.
  • Format: Virtual Machine (Virtualbox - OVA)
  • Operating System: Linux

The Dhanush once was the pinnacle of the weapons technology. It redefined the warfare to a new level and is mentioned in all the Mythological Accounts in the History.

Choose Your Dhanush,

Stretch the string and Shoot for Root!!


The Mastermind that took down kingdoms is back and this time he has created a puzzle that would make you scratch you brains! It’s time to face Chanakya.

Will you be able to solve this Boot to Root and prove that you are wiser?


  • Level: Intermediate-Hard
  • User flag: user.txt
  • Root flag: root.txt
  • Description: It's a Boot2Root machine. The machine is VirtualBox compatible but can be used in VMWare as well (not tested but it should work). The DHCP will assign an IP automatically. You have to find and read two flags (user and root) which is present in user.txt and root.txt respectively. Enjoy pwning it!

Difficulty : Intermediate

Flag : 2 Flag first user And second root

Learning : exploit | SMB | Enumration | Stenography | Privilege Escalation

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Ic0de 2 Nov 2019

This is super friendly box intended for Beginner's

Difficulty : Intermediate

Flag : boot-root

Learing : exploit | web application Security | Privilege Escalation

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Close your eyes and feel the heat of being in the middle of the Chakravyuh. The Epic Battle formation that is said to uncrackable. Can you crack the Uncrackable? Does it have it in you? Crack this epic Challenge and Claim the Title of Arjuna of 21st Century.