VulnOS are a series of vulnerable operating systems packed as virtual images to enhance penetration testing skills

  • This is version 2 -

Smaller, less chaotic !

As time is not always on my side, It took a long time to create another VulnOS. But I like creating them. The image is build with VBOX. Unpack the file and add it to your virtualisation software.

Your assignment is to pentest a company website, get root of the system and read the final flag

NOTE : current keyboard preferences is BE "pentesting is a wide concept"

If you have questions, feel free to contact me on [email protected] dot com Shout out to the Vulnhub Testing team!

Hope you enjoy.

Welcome to VulnOS !

This is my first vulnerable target I made because I want to give back something to the community. Big up for the community that made things possible!!!

Your goal is to get root and find all the vulnerabilities inside the OS ! It is a ubuntu server 10.04 LTS (that's been made very buggy!!!!) DO NOT USE This Box in a production environment!!!!!!! It's a VM thas has been made with Virtualbox 4.3.8 - so it's in the .vdi format.

Networking :

This box has been made with bridged networking and uses DHCP to get an IP address (was when I built it). So it is best to share the attack OS and the TARGET BOX to IP-Range OF

Maybe you could set it up with m0n0wall and setup static IP-addresses.

If you cannot find the target's IP ADRERSS, contact me @ blakrat1 AT gmail DOT com I will give you the root user and password to login....

Hope you find this useful !!!