Tr0ll: 3

Maleus 6 Aug 2019

The latest version of the Tr0ll series. This one is a little different from the previous iterations, I would say still on the beginner++ level. I hope everyone has fun, be sure to tag @Maleus21 with screen shots of the flag.

You will need to login with start:here

Type: Boot 2 Root

Goal: Obtain flag.txt

Difficulty: Beginner++

Fun level: Over 9000

Tr0ll: 2

Maleus 24 Oct 2014

The next machine in the Tr0ll series of VMs. This one is a step up in difficulty from the original Tr0ll but the time required to solve is approximately the same, and make no mistake, trolls are still present! :)

Difficulty is beginner++ to intermediate.

The VM should pull a valid IP from DHCP. This VM has been verified to work on VMware workstation 5, VMware player 5, VMware Fusion, and Virtual box. Virtual box users may need to enable the additional network card for it to pull a valid IP address.

Special thanks to @Eagle11, @superkojiman and @leonjza for suffering through the testing and the members of #overflowsec on freenode for giving me ideas.

If you have issues with the machine, feel free to contact me at @Maleus21 or maleus


Tr0ll: 1

Maleus 14 Aug 2014

Tr0ll was inspired by the constant trolling of the machines within the OSCP labs.

The goal is simple, gain root and get Proof.txt from the /root directory.

Not for the easily frustrated! Fair warning, there be trolls ahead!

Difficulty: Beginner ; Type: boot2root

Special thanks to @OS_Eagle11 and @superkojiman for suffering through the testing all the way to root!

The machine should pull an IP using DHCP, if you have any problems, contact me for a password to get it to working.

Feedback is always appreciated!


Freenode - Maleus

MD5SUM (Tr0ll.rar): 318fe0b1c0dd4fa0a8dca43edace8b20