digitalworld.local: JOY

  • Name: digitalworld.local: JOY
  • Date release: 31 Mar 2019


(Size: 3.3GB)

Does penetration testing spark joy? If it does, this machine is for you.

This machine is full of services, full of fun, but how many ways are there to align the stars? Perhaps, just like the child in all of us, we may find joy in a playground such as this.

This is somewhat OSCP-like for learning value, but is nowhere as easy to complete with an OSCP exam timeframe. But if you found this box because of preparation for the OSCP, you might as well try harder. :-)

  • Filename: JOY.7z
  • File size: 3.3GB
  • MD5: 134B6D5F6844439352671AECA38DA84D
  • SHA1: 11D09686EC959F9D5E5A1CBFF335648E80D2E58C

  • Format: Virtual Machine (Virtualbox - OVA)
  • Operating System: Linux

  • DHCP service: Enabled
  • IP address: Automatically assign