Does penetration testing spark joy? If it does, this machine is for you.

This machine is full of services, full of fun, but how many ways are there to align the stars? Perhaps, just like the child in all of us, we may find joy in a playground such as this.

This is somewhat OSCP-like for learning value, but is nowhere as easy to complete with an OSCP exam timeframe. But if you found this box because of preparation for the OSCP, you might as well try harder. :-)

This is the evil twin of JOY. Unlike JOY, this machine is designed to drive you crazy. Stephen Hawking once mentioned, "God plays dice and throws them into places where they cannot be seen."

The dice for the machine can all be found on the Internet. Like all other machines built by me, you should not torment yourself by brute force. But perhaps, JOY and TORMENT are two sides of the same coin of satisfaction? Can we really spark joy if we can't first be tormented to endure sufferance?

This machine guarantees to teach you some new ways of looking at enumeration and exploitation. Unlike all the other OSCP-like machines written by me, this machine will be mind-twisting and maybe mind-blowing. You may lose your mind while at it, but we will still nudge you to... try harder!

This is NOT an easy machine and you should not feel discouraged if you spend a few days headbanging on this machine. At least three competent pentesters I have asked to test this machine report days (thankfully not weeks) of head banging and nerve wrecking. Do this machine if you enjoy being humbled.

MERCY is a machine dedicated to Offensive Security for the PWK course, and to a great friend of mine who was there to share my sufferance with me. :-)

MERCY is a name-play on some aspects of the PWK course. It is NOT a hint for the box.

A walkthrough for this machine will be provided at a later date. If you have rooted the machine, and would like to do a walkthrough, please feel free to do so!

VM: Format: .vmdk (VMWare) Operating System: Linux

Networking: DHCP is enabled. IP is auto-assigned.

Mercy is: (#1): what you always plead for but cannot get. (#2): a dubious machine. (#3):

This machine reminds us of a DEVELOPMENT environment: misconfigurations rule the roost. This is designed for OSCP practice, and the original version of the machine was used for a CTF. It is now revived, and made slightly more nefarious than the original.

This machine hopes to inspire BRAVERY in you; this machine may surprise you from the outside. This is designed for OSCP practice, and the original version of the machine was used for a CTF. It is now revived, and made more nefarious than the original.