• Flags: 3 (local.txt, user.txt & root.txt)
  • Difficulty Level: Initial Shell (Easy) - Privileges Escalation (Intermediate)
  • Website: https://ebryx.com
  • Hint: Maybe, you hasted and left some open holes unchecked?

Literally Vulnerable is supposed to give beginners a taste of real-world scenarios and OSCP machines at the same time! It was inspired highly by the @DC series.

You're supposed to know the big three (EEEs) Enumeration, Exploitation & Escalation of pentesting to pwn the machine. The machine is supposed to be beginner-friendly and the difficulty level is Easy-Intermediate depending on your knowledge. You need to have enough information about Linux file types & permissions for privileges escalation.

Technical Information:

  • Just download, extract and load the .vmx file in VMware Workstation (tested on VMware Workstation 15.x.x)
  • The adapter is currently NAT, networking is configured for DHCP and IP will get assigned automatically


  • You can either contact me on twitter @syed__umar or linkedin (/in/syedumararfeen/) for hints!

There are three flags in the machine: local.txt, user.txt & root.txt. You're supposed to grab all three in order to completely pwn the machine. Hope you like the machine, best of luck! :)

I'll try my best to continue with the series!