I'm really interesting about security, love to learn new technologies and play CTF sometime. I’ve been enjoying creating hacking challenges for the security community. This is my first Challenge of boot2root, I was created some web challenge and solved others.I hope you will get some knowledges about my challenge. Thanks u Laiwon . I love you.


Difficulty level to get limited shell: Intermediate or advanced

Difficulty level for privilege escalation: Depend on You.


You will be required to break into target server,exploit and root the machine, and retrieve the flag. The flag will contain more information about my private info..


This challenge is not for beginners. There is a relevant file on this machine that plays an important role in the challenge, do not waste your time trying to de-obfuscate the file, If you got big stuck, Try with Password start with "sec*" with nice wordlist. Ok.. Try Harder!..

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~Happy Hacking!...