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About hackxor

Hackxor is a webapp hacking game where players must locate and exploit vulnerabilities to progress through the story. Think WebGoat but with a plot and a focus on realism&difficulty. Contains XSS, CSRF, SQLi, ReDoS, DOR, command injection, etc


  • Client attack simulation using HtmlUnit; no alert('xss') here.
  • Smooth difficulty gradient from moderately easy to fiendishly tricky.
  • Realistic vulnerabilities modelled from Google, Mozilla, etc (No rot13!)
  • Open ended play; progress by any means possible.

Download & install instructions

  • Download the full version of hackxor (700mb)
  • Install VMWare Player (This involves creating a free account with vmware)
  • Extract hackxor1.7z, run the image using VMware player.
  • Work out what the IP of hackxor is ((try|| logging into the VM with username:root pass:hackxor and typing ifconfig)
  • Configure your hosts file (/etc/hosts on linux) to redirect the following domains to the IP of hackxor: wraithmail, wraithbox, cloaknet, GGHB, hub71, utrack.
  • Browse to http://wraithmail:8080 and login with username:algo password:smurf

If you can't edit the hosts file for some reason, you could use the 'Override hostname resolution' option in Burp proxy

Troubleshooting the installation:

  • If http://wraithmail:8080 loads everything is probably working.
  • First: Try 'nmap wraithmail' in a shell to see if port 8080 is open. If it is open, contact me! Otherwise:
  • Second: Try nmap . If that succeeds, fix your hosts file. Otherwise:
  • Third: If you really can't get any network contact with the VM, check the VM settings in the VM manager
  • (this does not involve logging into the virtual machine). Make sure it is set to NAT. If that doesn't fix it:
  • Fourth: Try changing the VM network setting to 'Bridged'. This will mean other people on the LAN can access it.
  • Fifth: If all else fails, contact me on twitter.

The scene

You play a professional blackhat hacker hired to track down another hacker by any means possible. Start by checking your email on wraithmail, and see how far down the rabbit hole you can get. The key websites in this game are http://wraithmail:8080 http://cloaknet:8080 http://gghb:8080 and http://hub71:8080 so if you don't feel like tracking down your target you may hack them in any order. Each website will be properly introduced through the plot.

Changes since 1.0

  • Fixed a potential-lose bug in hub71

Changes since the beta

  • Made cloaknet (second level) harder/better/more realistic
  • Added stealth ranking system
  • Fixed 2 unintentional XSS vulns in rentnet(hub71)
  • Enhanced rentnet(hub71) session security (You'll see)
  • Added online demo (first 2 levels)
  • Improved names/other fluff
  • Added clear ending
  • Made VM IP static-ish for easier installation
  • Made VM only accessible from the host machine by default
  • Linked sites together better
  • Added anti-bruteforce protection
  • Removed numerous bits of test code
  • Removed a few obscenities
  • Fixed some inaccuracies&minor bugs