Name: Game Over Category: Web Pentest Learning Platform File Type: VM image/iso

Author: Jovin Lobo Mentor: Murtuja Bharmal

Download URL:

Default Credentials: [username:root / password:gameover]


Project GameOver was started with the objective of training and educating newbies about the basics of web security and educate them about the common web attacks and help them understand how they work. It is collection of various vulnerable web applications, designed for the purpose of learning web penetration testing.

GameOver has been broken down into two sections. Section 1 consists of special web applications that are designed especially to teach the basics of Web Security. This seciton will cover:

  • XSS
  • CSRF
  • RFI & LFI
  • BruteForce Authentication
  • Directory/Path traversal
  • Command execution
  • SQL injection

Section 2 is a collection of dileberately insecure Web applications. This section provides a legal platform to test your skills and to try and exploit the vulnerabilities and sharpen your skills before you pentest live sites. We would advice newbies to try and exploit these web applications. These applications provide real life environments and will boost their confidence.