The boot2root is a Debian virtual machine and has been fully tested using VMWare Workstation 12. The network interface of the virtual machine will take it's IP settings from DHCP.


Beginner to Intermediate.


Cyberry are eagerly anticipating the release of their new "Berrypedia" website, a life-long project which offers knowledge and insight into all things Berry!


The challenge is to get root. Rooting this box will require a wide variety of skills and techniques, and you may find that there is more than one way to achieve this. Whilst the boot2root itself can technically be completed offline, you will almost certainly require some form of internet access (Search engine) at your disposal to move forward past some of the challenges. If you get completely stuck please tweet us @cyberrysec for a hint.

We really look forward to reading the walkthroughs on vulnhub of how you achieved root :-)