CengBox: 2

Arslan 26 May 2020

Name : CengBox:2

Goal : Get the user and the root flag

Diffuculty : Intermediate

Description : Looks like Ceng Company has site maintenance but there might be something that still working.

In this vm you may learn a few new things such as enumeration, CVE, privilege escalation and more. You will need everything that you found. Also you will have to check the differences and guess some things.

Tested on Virtualbox. The machine works properly with Virtualbox compared to Vmware.

For any feedback or hint feel free to contact me on Twitter @arslanblcn_

CengBox: 1

Arslan 30 Apr 2020

Name : CengBox

Goal : Get the user and the root flag

Difficulty : beginner/intermediate

Description : There is a company which seems unreliable. You must think like a hacker and hack it easily. I think you do not need a hint but here is the nudges for you. For user you should understand how it is work and manipulate it. You might need everything that you'll find. For root, wait a minute.

Your feedback is really important to me and feel free to more hint on Twitter : @arslanblcn_