xerxes: 2.0.1

  • Name: xerxes: 2.0.1
  • Date release: 4 Aug 2014


(Size: 576 MB)

____   ___  ____  ___  __ ____   ___  ____     ____     ____
`MM(   )P' 6MMMMb `MM 6MM `MM(   )P' 6MMMMb   6MMMMb\  6MMMMb
 `MM` ,P  6M'  `Mb MM69 "  `MM` ,P  6M'  `Mb MM'    ` MM'  `Mb
  `MM,P   MM    MM MM'      `MM,P   MM    MM YM.           ,MM
   `MM.   MMMMMMMM MM        `MM.   MMMMMMMM  YMMMMb      ,MM'
   d`MM.  MM       MM        d`MM.  MM            `Mb   ,M'
  d' `MM. YM    d9 MM       d' `MM. YM    d9 L    ,MM ,M'
_d_  _)MM_ YMMMM9 _MM_    _d_  _)MM_ YMMMM9  MYMMMM9  MMMMMMMM


                Before you lies the mainframe of XERXES.
                Compromise the subsystems and gain access to /root/flag.txt

                                XERXES wishes you
                                 a pleasant stay.


                Shoutout & Thanks
                Many thanks to
                        TheColonial (@TheColonial) & rasta_mouse (@_RastaMouse)
                for testing!

                File information

                md5   : 724d4be6ecd126d4591f487d1710f7af
                sha1  : 7978e6dde9e589c5ea90561502b297a8e08147a4

v2.0.1: 18/08/2014 - Fixes a few typos. v2: 04/08/2014 MD5: 5be35ebf5083c974d9c3516d202f650c SHA1: 05fabaec3baf4221263f14fe2e4bde7cb012cb32

  • Filename: xerxes2.0.1.tar.gz
  • File size: 576 MB
  • MD5: 194FFB610792777F1F83F9BA7B90F4C2
  • SHA1: 6514215637A8792A79E65B6037AF0DDF541C25F9

  • Format: Virtual Machine (VMware)
  • Operating System: Linux

  • DHCP service: Enabled
  • IP address: Automatically assign