Pentester Lab: CVE-2012-6081: MoinMoin code exec

  • Name: Pentester Lab: CVE-2012-6081: MoinMoin code exec
  • Date release: 24 Apr 2013


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This exercise explains how you can exploit CVE-2012-6081 to gain code execution. This vulnerability was exploited to compromise Debian's wiki and Python documentation website

What you will learn?

  • Exploiting CVE-2012-6081
  • Basics of the tar file format
  • Python code execution

  • Filename: cve-2012-6081_i386.iso
  • File size: 162 MB
  • MD5: F860AA584C355F5E91E21E2519AB4A74
  • SHA1: EFA569E0183D5668A163784AD7279BAB38DF4DF9

  • Filename: _cve-2012-6081.iso
  • File size: 165 MB
  • MD5: A1B72E608C3D268AF765C2F1E219A8A2
  • SHA1: 3C445D8909C2C12046EC55B3C9F57048A3217B08

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