Gemini Inc: 2

  • Name: Gemini Inc: 2
  • Date release: 29 Apr 2018

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(Size: 2.1 GB)

Name: Gemini Inc v2

Date release: 2018-07-10

Author: 9emin1

Series: Gemini Inc

Description: I have decided to create vulnerable machines that replicate the vulnerabilities and difficulties I’ve personally encountered during my last year (2017) of penetration testing.

Some of the vulnerabilities require the “Think out of the box (fun)” mentality and some are just plain annoyance difficulties that require some form of automation to ease the testing.

GeminiInc v2 has been created that replicate a few issues that I’ve encountered which was really interesting and fun to tackle, I hope it will be fun for you guys as well.

Adding a little made-up background story to make it more interesting…

Introduction: Gemini Inc has contacted you to perform a penetration testing on one of their internal system. This system has a web application that is meant for employees to export their profile to a PDF. Identify any vulnerabilities possible with the goal of complete system compromise with root privilege. To demonstrate the level of access obtained, please provide the content of flag.txt located in the root directory as proof.

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File Information:

  • Filename:
  • File size: 2239959453
  • SHA 1: 5f210dd9a52a701bab262a9def88009b1ca46300

Virtual Machine:

  • Format: Virtual Machine (VMWare)
  • Operating System: Debian


  • DHCP Service : Enabled
  • IP Address: Automatically Assigned

More information can be obtained from my blog post on this vulnerable machine:

Intended solution will be provided some time after this has been published:

The VM has been tested on the following platform and is working:

  • Mac OSX VMWare Fusion
  • Windows 10 VMWare Player
  • Windows 10 VMWare Workstation

It should work with any virtual machine player as well. It will be able to obtain an I.P Address with DHCP so no additional configuration is required. Simply import the downloaded VM and you are good to go.

  • Filename:
  • File size: 2.1 GB
  • MD5: DD8D53A11B76166D75631559ED0353F9
  • SHA1: 5F210DD9A52A701BAB262A9DEF88009B1CA46300

  • Format: Virtual Machine (VMware)
  • Operating System: Linux

  • DHCP service: Enabled
  • IP address: Automatically assign