De-ICE: S1.130

  • Name: De-ICE: S1.130
  • Date release: 30 Mar 2011

Please remember that VulnHub is a free community resource so we are unable to check the machines that are provided to us. Before you download, please read our FAQs sections dealing with the dangers of running unknown VMs and our suggestions for "protecting yourself and your network. If you understand the risks, please download!


(Size: 197 MB)

De-ICE are Penetration LiveCD images available from and provide scenarios where students can test their penetration testing skills and tools in a legal environment.

Courtesy of student Cody M.

Original filename: de-ice-1.120-1.0b.iso Please note: This is completely different to version 'A'

  • Filename: De-ICE_S1.130.iso
  • File size: 197 MB
  • MD5: 5AFEA4D036681093408AE493D4BD2672
  • SHA1: 3AED29E8463009A4F3C3FE767857C0F097135C3A

  • Format: Disk Image (.ISO)
  • Operating System: Linux

  • DHCP service: Disabled
  • IP address:

  • OpenSSH
  • Openwall POPa3d
  • PHP
  • Sendmail
  • UW IMAPd
  • vsFTPd

'User' information

  • Predictable Password Algorithm
  • Weak Credentials