Damn Vulnerable Linux (DVL): 1.2 (Strychnine)

  • Name: Damn Vulnerable Linux (DVL): 1.2 (Strychnine)
  • Date release: 27 May 2007

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(Size: 797 MB)


(Size: 795 MB)

Damn Vulnerable Linux (DVL) Strychnine (1.2):

Added several tools. Switched to BackTrack 2 Final as core system. DVL Strychnine will contain a Knowledge Base as well!

  • 0000072: [Application Development] Add Flawfinder
  • 0000071: [Application Development] Add JLint
  • 0000025: [Reverse Code Engineering] libdisasm_0.21-pre2 should be added
  • 0000068: [Reverse Code Engineering] Add REC 1.6
  • 0000051: [Reverse Code Engineering] Add LTRACE
  • 0000047: [Reverse Code Engineering] ELF Shell should be added
  • 0000007: [Requirements] Firefox Tabs should be cleaned up
  • 0000035: [Application Development] KDevelop should be added
  • 0000015: [Reverse Code Engineering] Bastard 0.17 should be added
  • 0000011: [Requirements] Boot text should be branded for DVL instead for BT
  • 0000032: [Application Development] NEdit should be added
  • 0000012: [Requirements] A new bootspash has to be designed and included
  • 0000048: [Reverse Code Engineering] Add ELF Kickers
  • 0000014: [Shellcode / Exploitation] Splint static code analyzer should be added
  • 0000045: [Reverse Code Engineering] Add BIEW
  • 0000040: [Reverse Code Engineering] LDasm should be added
  • 0000063: [Application Development] Add BASIC-256
  • 0000028: [Web Exploitation] A vulnerable PHP.ini should be used
  • 0000058: [Application Development] PHPmyAdmin should be installed
  • 0000065: [Application Development] Add GAS
  • 0000064: [Bugs] HLA does not work under Konsole
  • 0000059: [Documentation] Define Directory Structure for Documentation
  • 0000060: [Tutorials] Define Directory Structure for Tutorials
  • 0000004: [Documentation] DVL needs a concept on how to hold documentation
  • 0000019: [Reverse Code Engineering] ht-2.0.2 should be added
  • 0000020: [Cryptography] stegdetect-0.6 should be added
  • 0000022: [Reverse Code Engineering] STAN 0.4.1 Stream Analyzer should be added
  • 0000024: [Cryptography] Outguess 0.2 should be added
  • 0000038: [Reverse Code Engineering] memgrep should be installed
  • 0000039: [Reverse Code Engineering] ALD Assembly Language Debugger should be added
  • 0000049: [Reverse Code Engineering] Add REVDump
  • 0000061: [Tutorials] Define Directory Structure for exercises
  • 0000010: [Shellcode / Exploitation] SudoEdit 1.6.8 should be added (Local Exploit)
  • 0000013: [Reverse Code Engineering] LIDA disassembler needs to be installed and linked in menues
  • 0000017: [Reverse Code Engineering] GDBINIT colorized by Mammon should be added.
  • 0000018: [Application Development] HLA Assembly Language should be added
  • 0000023: [Reverse Code Engineering] Sandmark should be added
  • 0000031: [Application Development] jEdit should be installed
  • 0000041: [Reverse Code Engineering] The Examiner should be added
  • 0000050: [Reverse Code Engineering] Add RADARE
  • 0000057: [Reverse Code Engineering] Add Sinister
  • 0000029: [Application Development] MySQL should be installed
  • 0000037: [Application Development] Jed Editor should be added
  • 0000030: [Application Development] Wine Windows Emulator needs to be installed
  • 0000027: [Requirements] Apache with PHP 4 and 5 included
  • 0000054: [Reverse Code Engineering] Add MemFetch
  • 0000052: [Reverse Code Engineering] Add STRACE
  • 0000056: [Reverse Code Engineering] Add lsof

DVL Strychnine is finally final. The last pre-compilation is running at the moment, then the final compilation of the remaster will follow. Some nasty bugs fixed such as permissions problems of the pre-installed MySQL database containing first vulnerabe web examples. Click on the link below to see the current changelog. This shows you which additions have been added to the “classic” BT 2.0 release to build the base of the new era of Damn Vulnerable Linux. Some more minor unimportant features are left to install, however I believe it is time to go with the release to concentrate finally on the production of the most important: training lessons!

DVL Strychnine will be available via BitTorrent this weekend (never published before using BitTorrent! let's see if I run into problems!) - Later I place it on the mirrors. File size at the moment 822 MB, sorry for that but let the community decide what to kill!

A short intro video will follow soon, maybe I can make it this weekend.

Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20070911160224/http://blog.damnvulnerablelinux.org/2007/05/25/dvl-strychnine-final-available-very-soon-via-bittorrent-following-via-mirrors/

Source: [http://web.archive.org/web/20090312135824/http://www.damnvulnerablelinux.org/index.php/eng/Damn%20Vulnerable%20Linux%20Distro/Damn%20Vulnerable%20Linux/Release%20Notes%20for%20Damn%20Vulnerable%20Linux%20(up%20to%20release%201.4](http://web.archive.org/web/20090312135824/http://www.damnvulnerablelinux.org/index.php/eng/Damn%20Vulnerable%20Linux%20Distro/Damn%20Vulnerable%20Linux/Release%20Notes%20for%20Damn%20Vulnerable%20Linux%20(up%20to%20release%201.4)

  • Filename: damnvulnerablelinux_strychnine-dvl-1.2.iso
  • File size: 797 MB
  • MD5: 0E124C82F0294F08CEE5D26FFC1DF28B
  • SHA1: F8C08E3D107DA1AA8BF67AE21CA91412BBBCEC14

  • Filename: damnvulnerablelinux_strychnine-dvl-1.2.zip
  • File size: 795 MB
  • MD5: BC0D42631642A70DC246B072A9718645
  • SHA1: 9609495B9E7B880FBD7ACC2E3D6FA93380E611AE

  • Format: Disk Image (.ISO)
  • Operating System: Linux

  • DHCP service: Enabled
  • IP address: Automatically assign

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