BSides Vancouver: 2018 (Workshop)

  • Name: BSides Vancouver: 2018 (Workshop)
  • Date release: 21 Mar 2018


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Boot2root challenges aim to create a safe environment where you can perform real-world penetration testing on an (intentionally) vulnerable target.

This workshop will provide you with a custom-made VM where the goal is to obtain root level access on it.

This is a great chance for people who want to get into pentesting but don’t know where to start. *

If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry! During the workshop, we’ll be discussing various methodologies, common pitfalls and useful tools at every step of our pentest.


  • Laptop capable of running two VMs and has a USB port.
  • At least 20GB of free space.
  • VirtualBox pre-installed.
  • Kali VM
  • Some familiarity with CLI.

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